免费欧洲杯直播app_永昌主帅古特比:第二阶段是生存之战 已准备好战斗到底

Yesterday afternoon, Yongchang conducted the last training session before going to the Dalian competition area. The team coach Gutby accepted an interview with the media, saying that the team is ready to fight to the end.


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According to the "Yanzhao Evening News", Yongchang's public training session yesterday focused on confrontation, focusing on rehearsing counterattacks. Liu Chaoyang and Zhao Jianfei, who joined the team in the transfer window, participated in the match and fought against Muliqi, Romulo and others who wore main vests. Team captain Matthews conducted a separate shooting training, while Oscar conducted a simple jog after riding training.


Regarding the team’s current injuries and performance in the first stage, Gutby said: “When it comes to counterattacks, everyone will think of Matthews’s goal after scoring 60 meters in the 16th season. But now, the team has more than Matthew. Si, Muric, Oscar, and Zang Yifeng. Zang Yifeng’s injury has a great impact on the team, and we are now facing targeted restrictions from our opponents. Muric and Matthews have been fouled many times, even some The foul opponent didn't even get a yellow card. However, in such a season, we are quite satisfied with our performance. If we are well-organized, we should be the third best team in the Suzhou Division."

关于球队目前在第一阶段的受伤情况和表现,古比说:免费欧洲杯直播app“谈到反攻,每个人都会在第16赛季得分60米后想到马修斯的进球。但是现在,该团队已经超越了马修。斯,穆里克,奥斯卡和Z一峰。 ang一峰的伤病对球队有很大影响,我们现在正面临对手的有针对性的限制。穆里奇和马修斯被犯规很多次,甚至还有一些犯规对手甚至没有得到黄牌。但是,在这样的季节里,我们对我们的表现非常满意。如果组织得当,我们应该成为苏州分部第三好的团队。”

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In the second stage, Yongchang’s first opponent is the Dalian native. Gutby said bluntly: "Dalian has strong financial resources, big-name foreign aid, and the level of domestic players is also very high. The head coach has achieved very good results in the top football field. The record, so we need to be more fully prepared."


Regarding the next preparations, Gutby said: “I think the points in the first stage of the Super League should be brought into the second stage, or only the last place in each division should go directly to relegation. In fact, such a special season, Many leagues have canceled relegation, but the Chinese Super League is like this. It may indeed be impossible to be fair to everyone, and only work hard to be yourself. The second stage is the battle for survival. We will make every effort to prepare for Dalian People’s games, but also ready to fight to the end."


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