Naples gave up the game with Juventus on the grounds of quarantine. There is still a wrestling between Italian football and different political factions behind it. The two sides now pushed to the surface are the Italian Football Association and the local health department in Campania. Naples’ request to postpone the match was strongly rejected by the Serie A league. The reason for the latter was that the situation in Naples did not meet the requirements of the "Prevention Draft". The self-isolation in the draft does not necessarily refer to home isolation. It is to ensure safety and avoid contact with other people. Under the circumstances, the close contacts of the positive patient are in compliance with the regulations to travel to and from the stadium, the station and the training ground, while Naples stayed directly in Campania yesterday and did not leave for Turin at all, which did not comply with the regulations. The Naples side has always stated that it was the local health department that prevented them from leaving. The Italian national media ANSA later disclosed the official document issued by the Naples Health Bureau to the club. There was no clear statement that it was forbidden to allow Naples to travel to Turin. . However, the team asked the Campania District Government again, and the response was: “Close contacts need to stay at home and they will not be able to travel within 14 days.” So yesterday, some of the Naples players and staff had already arrived at the airport or were on their way. , But in the end all returned to their residences. The crux of the question now is whether it is the "Pandemic Prevention Draft" drawn up by the Italian Football Association that has the final say, or is the epidemic prevention directive in Campania more effective? However, the health department of Campania issued instructions to Naples, based on the various bills and instructions announced by the Italian Ministry of Health during the epidemic. To a certain extent, it also represents the attitude of the Italian government. This will be the basis for Naples. A direction to strive for. It should also be noted that not only the league is currently playing in Italy, but the school is also in the beginning of the school season. However, the newly-increased number of confirmed diagnoses has made various government departments more reservations about various public activities. The Conte government recently signed According to the new law, various public leisure places in Italy will be closed after 10 or 11 in the evening. Under these conditions, Serie A clubs travel back and forth and compete with other teams. There is indeed the possibility of conflict with the laws. For example, the current epidemic prevention regulations in Campania are the most stringent in Italy. The other point is the Italian Minister of Health Speranza and the Minister of Sports Spadafra. The two have not been positive about the Serie A rematch and the new season. The former has also expressed dissatisfaction with all walks of life who always want to promote the recovery of football. . Although Naples did not appear in the game yesterday, whether it will really be punished depends on the conclusion of the fight after the parties. But one thing is certain, with the second rebound of the epidemic, similar storms and disputes may continue to occur next.

那不勒斯以隔离为由放弃了与尤文图斯的比赛。意大利足球与其背后的不同政治派别之间仍然存在着角力。现在浮出水面的两个方面是意大利足球协会和坎帕尼亚地方卫生部门。 那不勒斯推迟比赛的要求遭到了意甲联赛的强烈拒绝。后者的原因是那不勒斯的局势不符合《预防草案》的要求。草案中的自我隔离不一定是指家庭隔离。这是为了确保安全并避免与他人接触。在这种情况下,阳性患者的亲密接触符合往返体育场,车站和训练场的规定,而那不勒斯昨天直接住在坎帕尼亚,根本没有去过都灵,不符合规定。 那不勒斯方面一直表示,是当地卫生部门阻止他们离开。意大利国家媒体ANSA随后向那家具乐部披露了那不勒斯卫生局发布的正式文件。没有明确声明禁止那不勒斯前往都灵。 免费欧洲杯直播app。但是,团队再次询问了坎帕尼亚区政府,答复是:“亲密接触者需要留在家里,他们将无法在14天之内出行。”因此昨天,那不勒斯的一些球员和工作人员已经到达机场或正在路上。 ,但最终所有人都返回了自己的住所。 现在问题的症结在于,到底是意大利足球协会起草的《预防大流行草案》,还是在坎帕尼亚的防疫指令更有效?但是,坎帕尼亚卫生部门根据那不勒斯在流行病期间宣布的各种法案和指示,向那不免费欧洲杯直播app勒斯发出了指示。在某种程度上,它也代表了意大利政府的态度。这将是那不勒斯的基础。努力的方向。 还应该注意的是,不仅联赛目前在意大利比赛,而且学校也在学期开始之初。但是,新增加的确诊诊断数量使各个政府部门对各种公共活动有了更多的保留。孔戴政府最近签署了一项新法律,根据规定,意大利的各个公共休闲场所将在晚上10点或11点后关闭。在这种情况下,意甲俱乐部来回旅行并与其他球队竞争。确实有可能与法律发生冲突。例如,坎帕尼亚州现行的防疫法规是意大利最严格的。 另一点是意大利卫生部长Speranza和体育部长Spadafra。两人对意甲联赛和新赛季的表现并不乐观。前者还对一直希望促进足球复苏的各行各业表示不满。 。尽管那不勒斯昨天没有出现在比赛中,但是否真的要受到惩罚取决于双方争执之后的结束。但是可以肯定的是,随着疫情的第二次反弹,接下来可能还会继续发生类似的风暴和纠纷。

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